Stephen Hutt Artificial Intelligence | Learning Analytics | Big Data


I am a Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Denver. I was previously a postdoctoral researcher working within the Penn Center for Learning Analytics (PCLA). I completed my PhD at the University of Colorado under the supervision of Sidney D'Mello

My research is focused on how AI techniques can be used to improve educational software and experiences, with a special focus the fair treatment of students who are members of underrepresented groups

Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence in Education

How can AI techniques be used to create a dynamic and improved educational experience? Particularly when using educational technology

Affective Computing

How can we use computers to automatically model and respond to complex human emotions?

Equity in Education

How can educational technologies improve equity in education? Special focus on fairness in machine learning techniques.

Nonstandard Computation

How can we use techniques that break the classical computing paradigm to better model learning experiences.

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